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Bottleworks Unbottled: Featuring Yogasix

Join us as we highlight the incredible businesses and people of Bottleworks District through our monthly newsletter, Bottleworks Unbottled.

Bottleworks District is the perfect fusion of past and present in the heart of Indianapolis; a special place that’s bursting at the seams with art, architecture, and good spots galore.

It's a thoughtfully curated collection of people and places that evoke the senses, rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, and encourage you to loosen your collar, let down your hair, and have a little fun.

And there’s so much more here than meets the eye – from state-of-the-art corporate offices and vibrant mixed-use, to award-winning hospitality and entertainment.

Your district source featuring YogaSix.

At YogaSix, we're all about a sensory yoga experience accessible to all. Each of the yoga classes we offer at YogaSix has a specific focus and produces specific body benefits. Whether you’re looking for strength, agility, or flexibility and balance, we have the yoga class for you. We offer 6 different class types from hot and powerful to slow and mindful. We also offer beginner classes and sculpt classes. Our teachers have been trained in the YogaSix methodology to provide a consistent but creative experience for each class type every time.


Our members and guests love yoga because it helps to improve your strength and flexibility, helps to manage stress, encourages better sleep, benefits overall heart health, energizes, and boots mood, and connects you to a community. Yoga is a personal practice, but at YogaSix we believe it's shared together with a community that uplifts each other and supports progression, both on and off the mat.


Bottleworks District guests can embark on a week-long journey into the world of yoga with our Intro Offer! For only $26, guests can immerse themselves in 3 different yoga classes of your choice during your first week. This is a perfect opportunity to discover the various styles of yoga we offer and find the ones that resonate with your mind, body, and spirit.

Community engagement is at the heart of our business, defining our essence in the Bottleworks District. We believe that fostering connections is essential for a fulfilling yoga journey. Our commitment is showcased through our regular community-based events, which occur almost every weekend. These include partnering with the Indianapolis Propylaeum for Yoga and Brunch on the lawn, offering participants a rejuvenating experience that combines movement and community. We proudly participate in Monumental Yoga every year, uniting with fellow yogis in a city-wide celebration of unity and well-being. Additionally, we believe in giving back to the community that supports us. We donate a portion of our proceeds to local non-profit organizations and charities, contributing to the greater good.


Nestled within the dynamic Bottleworks District, our family-friendly yoga studio offers an unparalleled customer experience that sets us apart from other areas in Indianapolis. The vibrant atmosphere of the district infuses our studio with a unique energy, creating a seamless fusion of wellness, urban vitality, and a welcoming environment for all ages. Our members benefit from the convenience of nearby cafes, allowing for post-class gatherings that foster a strong sense of community and accommodate families.


The unique character of the Bottleworks District is truly showcased through the heartwarming interactions between our teachers, staff, guests, and members. After classes, it's common to see our community forming groups and strolling across the street to the Garage to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation. They often gather at Blue Collar Coffee or Twenty Two Juice, sharing conversations, laughter, and post-yoga bliss over aromatic cups of coffee or deliciously refreshing smoothie bowls.


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