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The Food Hall: A spectacle of Local Culture

An Innovative movement reshaping the food & beverage scene

Sustainability at Bottleworks District Indianapolis

What is a Food Hall?

The food hall is having a big moment in America right now. You may have heard it called a “public market”, “market hall”, or “city market”, but the concept remains the same—a large space full of local artisans and specialty purveyors, with a heavy emphasis on the food.

Despite their recent and rapid rise to prominence, food halls are still having to do a lot of explaining. “It sounds like a food court,” is a typical first reaction, which is understandably difficult to get excited about. However, the result more closely resembles the old-world public markets of the early 20th-century where people would buy groceries and specialty items. The modern-day food hall carries on the tradition of being a space where things are made, people gather, and the best of a community is showcased.

Inspiration Across the Nation

Food Hall - Ponce City Market, Atlanta

Not only is Ponce City Market an impressive example of adaptive reuse brimming with award-winning Southern chefs, but the vibrant energy and dramatic displays make it a feast for all senses. They do an excellent job of reflecting the character of Atlanta, while providing the city with a truly unique culinary destination.

Food Hall - Stanley Marketplace, Colorado

Dedicated to community and Colorado businesses, Stanley Marketplace began with a beer hall, then expanded the space to house fine dining and quick bites, florists, bars, boxing gyms, art galleries, and a variety of ever-expanding retail and service businesses. They take special care to strike a balance between culinary and service offerings that keep people lingering and engaged in the space.

Food Hall - Chelsea Market, New York City

This bustling Manhattan food hall is steeped in history and industrial architecture, and much like the city itself, it’s a hotbed of experimentation. Just steps apart, you can try matcha ramen served in a hollowed-out watermelon, or goat’s milk ice cream with black sesame halva, or play it safe with a never-fail plate of chicken and waffles.

The Garage at Bottleworks

Far beyond creating the perfect no-compromises lunch spot, The Garage will provide a lively escape from the everyday. We’re working to create a space that is uniquely Indy—a carefully curated melting pot of innovative Indianapolis businesses—where you can discover something new with every visit. Housed in an artful adaptive reuse of the industrial brick and iron garages that once serviced the Coca-Cola delivery vehicles, The Garage will be an ideal canvas for local vendors to craft an experience as vibrant as the flavors. We’re eager to offer a collaborative space where people can gather and connect with the creative minds behind the city’s most progressive culinary enterprises. With the help of these inventive creators, we’re shaping tastes, cultivating community, and working to bolster Indianapolis’ national culinary cred one visitor at a time.


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