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Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) Sustainability Statement

EUA is a Milwaukee-based architecture company with oversight of the Bottleworks District site. Click Here to learn more about EUA.

There are numerous sustainable features the Bottleworks project offers. First and foremost the reuse of existing structures will reduce the carbon footprint of the development due to minimizing the inclusion of new materials.  The adaptive reuse of the existing building structure extends the life-cycle of the building and greatly reduces the amount and cost of demolition waste.  When selecting new materials attention is given to each product to verify certain sustainable practices are used when producing and transporting them.  Materials are also examined for transparency in their chemical makeup in an effort to reduce harmful substances within the built environment.  Products found to have preferred life-cycle impacts and minimal impact on indoor air quality will be incorporated into the project. 


The project will use a variety of natural materials on the exterior skin, such as brick, stone and wood in lieu of plastics for their durability and resilience.  As for energy efficiency of the building enclosures, each new building will have continuous insulation around the building enclosure to provide a high preforming thermal envelope.  Where penetrations occur through the thermal envelope, special detailing will be installed to minimize conductive thermal transfer.  Thermally broken windows and storefronts will also be used to minimize conductive heat loss and minimize condensation.  Green roofs will be installed on many of the roof surfaces to mitigate rainwater runoff and prolong the life of the roof.  Part of the project includes cleaning up soil contamination which will not only impact the site but the surrounding neighborhoods and groundwater quality.  High efficiency air and water heating systems will be provided along with LED lighting fixtures where possible to provide energy efficient MEP systems. 

RATIO Sustainability Statement

RATIO is an Indianapolis-based architecture company involved in the construction of the Bottleworks District Hotel. Click Here to learn more about RATIO.


RATIO is an advocate for improving the industry benchmark for material health. RATIO promotes transparency within the industry, encouraging manufactures to provide Health Product Declarations, with our main goal being eliminating harmful substances from the built environment.


On this project the hotel operator, West Elm who is also the furniture manufacturer and supplier, utilizes 29% FSC sustainably sourced woods in its manufacturing and is committed to using 50% by 2020.  As part of our pledge to the AIA 2030 Commitment, RATIO is working to gather and track energy use data on all of our current projects including the Bottleworks project. As an adaptive reuse of a historic bottling plant the project avoids the embodied energy that would be required to demolish the plant and build a new structure. According to data from Energy Use for Building Construction the embodied energy required for construction of a new hotel of this size is over 209,000,000,000 Btu.

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