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The Garage Adds Four More Exciting Food Hall Tenants

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What do hamburgers, cupcakes, booze, and lobster have in common? In addition to being delicious, they’re the featured elements of the four latest tenants to join The Garage food hall. We’re proud to welcome Hard Truth Distilling Co., Clancy’s Hamburgers, J’s Lobster, and Simply Divine Cupcakes.

Hard Truth Distilling Co.

Based in Brown County, IN, Hard Truth Distilling Co. became a brand name in 2015 in conjunction with the already established Big Woods Restaurant Group— a close ally to this day. Known for its pioneering spirit, Hard Truth Distilling Co. is ready to take Bottleworks mixology to a whole new level by fusing its signature spirits (including its infamous cinnamon vodka) with a cocktail bar concept.

“The Hard Truth bar concept will be a first for us,” said Jeff McCabe, chairman of Hard Truth Distilling Co. “Our goal is to create an ‘organoleptic’ experience—something that pertains to all senses. And we feel Bottleworks is the perfect place to do that, making Indianapolis a new home for us.”

Hard Truth will offer their full round up of spirits as well as signature cocktails and an array of “experimental offerings” like smoke cocktails.

Clancy's Hamburgers

Founded by Carl Fogelsong in 1965 in Noblesville, IN, Clancy’s Hamburgers quickly became known for its top-quality ingredients and reasonable prices—a legacy Carl’s son and grandson, Perry and Blake Fogelsong, have carried on and will continue at Bottleworks.

“We’re excited to reignite the Clancy’s brand with a new menu and a new take on the 60’s diner feel that our father implemented almost 60 years ago,” Perry said. “We really strive to operate restaurants that have soul—that have character. And we really feel like Bottleworks encompasses all of those things.”

HOT TIP—order the “Topper” (aka the original Big Mac). It is Clancy’s signature, custom-grind, hormone-free hamburger, featuring American cheese, shredded lettuce, and house tartar sauce, on a double-deck bun.

J's Lobster

If you’re like us, the moment you heard “Lobster Roll” is the same moment you pulled out your phone for a Google search. That’s okay. J Wolf, founder of J’s Lobster, plans to change that. Born and raised in Indianapolis, J has spent the last decade learning and perfecting his Lobster Roll recipe.

“The culinary scene on Mass Ave, and the future Bottleworks setup, provides the perfect opportunity to introduce my fellow Hoosiers to Lobster Rolls,” J said. “I want to bring an authentic east coast feel to Indy—I want to be the Lobster Roll guy.”

Whether it’s his signature Lobster Rolls, crab, shrimp, lobster mac n’ cheese, hush puppies, fried clams, clam chowder, lobster bisque, seafood salad, or dessert buns of his own creation, one thing is for sure—J couldn’t be more excited to bring his years of hard work to the adventurous foodies of The Garage come 2020.

Simply Divine Cupcakes

What started as a hobby quickly became a career for Simply Divine Cupcakes founder, Sarah Duffy. Simply Divine Cupcakes has grown from sporadic farmer’s markets in 2012 to a selling out inventory in City Market in 2018. And if you ask Sarah, the new shop in Bottleworks is just the icing on the cupcake.

“The thing that excites me the most about Bottleworks is the potential,” Sarah said. “The potential to experiment with new flavors and new offerings, to partner with other local vendors, and the potential to grow.”

Currently, Simple Divine Cupcakes offers over 100 different cupcake flavors, including the fan favorites butterscotch pecan, smores, and banana split as well as alcohol-inspired options such champagne, bananas’ foster, piña colada, and margarita.


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