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A World of Food at Your Doorstep

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Ready to get your eat on next summer? We’re happy to announce that four more mouthwatering tenants have just joined The Garage food hall lineup: Abbiocco Pizza, Gaucho's Fire, Blu Point Oysters, and Herculean Meal Prep.

Abbiocco Pizza

Stuffed and satisfied. That’s what Abbiocco means in Italian. It’s also the name of the newest wood-fired pizza restaurant that will be waiting for you at The Garage.

Pizza’s not the only thing they’ll serve at Abbiocco, though. Carla McDaniel and her crew are determined to please with a variety of Italian dishes, a few even with some Peruvian flair. Nearly everything will be homemade, says McDaniel, including the pizza crusts, pastas, and all sauces.

Carla is far from new to the Indy restaurant scene. Her grandpa, Mauricio, immigrated from Peru to Indiana in the 70s, opening his first pizza shop soon after. Her father carried on the tradition, hence Carla’s decision to follow in her family’s footsteps with the opening of Mauricio's and Mambo's Cheesesteak Grill in Indianapolis. Abbiocco will be Carla’s newest addition, offering a more upscale, modern spin on her past concepts.

Gaucho's Fire

Imagine walking down the road in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, and stopping at your favorite food truck for your fix of local flavor. That’s Gaucho’s Fire for you, minus the jet lag and the language barrier.

Meet Ruby and Rogerio Tregnago. Ruby's from Bogota, Columbia, having made her way here for studies, graduating from IU, and then working for a non-profit. Rogerio's the Brazilian in the equation. He's been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years but moved to the U.S. when a corporate job brought him to Indianapolis years ago. The two fell in love, not only with one another, but with Indy. And so, much to our benefit, they started a food truck business in 2014.

The menu at Gaucho's combines food from different regions and cultures throughout Brazil, including charcoal-grilled skewers, kabobs, cheese breads, and chimichurri fries. Not to mention their showstopper: pasta dunked into a pan of melted cheese right before serving. Carnival for the taste buds!

For the Tregnagos, it's truly a family affair. Rogerio is the cook, while Ruby tackles the business side of things. Their 22-year old daughter, Nadine, helps run the food truck, while 9-year-old Bianca cheers them all on. “We work for the guests, not for the money,” Rogerio says. “For us, it’s all about customer service, about people coming back because they loved the experience.”

Blue Point Oyster Hourse & Bar

Since 1979, Gino Pizzi has been providing Indy with unforgettable fine-dining experiences at Ambrosia, where oysters were prominently featured on the menu. These exquisite shellfish were such a hit that they warranted their own restaurant, the original Blu Point Oyster House in Indianapolis.

Smaller than his other venues, Blu Point Oysters at The Garage will shuck oysters to order as a casual, quick bite. They'll also offer wines, champagnes, and cocktails that pair perfectly.

“Our family history informs everything we do,” says the restaurateur. “It all started with freshness, quality, and love, and we keep it that way.”

We can drink to that. And pass the oysters, please!

Herculean Meal Prep

At 29, Ben Canary had a problem. While at IU, Ben had flexed his gourmet cooking muscles a bit too much and ended up gaining weight. So he teamed up with his brother, Nate—an award-winning bodybuilder—and they committed to help each other eat healthier. Ben did the meal prep, and soon, friends wanted in on their secret for getting into shape.

In 2015, the brothers started renting kitchen space downtown, founding Herculean Meal Prep soon after, where ready-to-eat, minimally-processed meals are made with the utmost care. Delicious and far healthier than traditional frozen options, Herculean meals contain no preservatives, have less sodium, and are a careful balance of high-protein, low fat, and complex carbs. Gluten-free options will be available as well.

And not to worry, if you can't make it to either of their sites in Indy, Herculean offers nationwide delivery.


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