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Bottleworks Unbottled: Featuring LIVING ROOM THEATERS

Join us as we highlight the incredible businesses and people of Bottleworks District through our monthly newsletter, Bottleworks Unbottled.

Bottleworks District is the perfect fusion of past and present in the heart of Indianapolis; a special place that’s bursting at the seams with art, architecture, and good spots galore.

It's a thoughtfully curated collection of people and places that evoke the senses, rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, and encourage you to loosen your collar, let down your hair, and have a little fun.

And there’s so much more here than meets the eye – from state-of-the-art corporate offices and vibrant mixed-use, to award-winning hospitality and entertainment.

Your district source featuring Living Room Theaters.

We take pride in being the only food service theater in the downtown area, making us a distinctive destination in the Bottleworks District. Our theaters are equipped with luxurious recliner chairs, providing an unparalleled level of comfort for our guests. We exclusively serve local craft brewed beers, supporting the local brewing scene.

In addition to our regular screenings, we also have hosted free screenings and cater to the local community by collaborating with various film festivals such as Heartland Film Festival, where we were the highest-ranked venue in the history of the festival.


Our guests love the immersive experience we provide. Our theaters are designed to feel like your very own living room, with cozy, plush seating and side tables to place your snacks and drinks. We take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of films, from the latest releases to independent and foreign cinema.

Many find our diverse film selection, including exclusive indie releases, to be a refreshing change from mainstream cinema. Our food and beverage offerings, which include gourmet dining options from our scratch kitchen that utilize fresh produce and ingredients from local markets, also earn rave reviews.

The personalized and attentive service from our staff ensures that every visit is a memorable one.


We have exciting offerings that will surely excite Bottleworks District guests! Alongside our regular promotions like Monday and Tuesday discount days, which are perfect for midweek movie outings, we also provide special discounts for filmmakers and offer theater rentals for those seeking a unique venue for their events. Keep an eye out for our upcoming 5 for 4 deal, where you can score five tickets for the price of four, and indulge in our captivating repertory movie screenings.

For a blend of tradition and innovation, we host well-loved activities like our candle-pouring event “Flicks and Wicks” and we plan to start a new tradition of a dazzling drag brunch, following its sensational success for BARBIE opening weekend. Our modern and captivating space has also become a sought-after backdrop for photographers and videographers who recognize its cool and contemporary vibe.

Additionally, we serve as a valuable resource for businesses and corporations, offering advanced technology for meetings and presentations, including the capability to link theaters, stream, and broadcast crowdcasts.

We also feature Q&A sessions with movie production experts and local leaders, providing unique insights and engaging conversations about films.

We consistently offer something for everyone in our vibrant and engaging community. To stay updated on these events and promotions, make sure to check our website, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Community engagement is at the heart of what we do. We believe in creating connections through the magic of movies. We frequently collaborate with different organizations and groups to host special events that offer unique movie experiences. From our animal adoption day for the movie STRAYS to charity gaming events like our Mario Kart Charity Tournament with GenderNexus & Indy Community Pantry, we're dedicated to enhancing the community experience.

We actively participate in initiatives, like working with a local abortion/health education group for the movie CALL JANE. We’ve also linked with Indy sports for Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s premiere of their docuseries "100 DAYS TO INDY” and the FIGHT FOR LIFE foundation with ex-Colts player Marlin Jackson, a non-profit that empowers underserved youth. Our involvement extends beyond the silver

screen, reinforcing our role as a hub where people come together, connecting through the art of cinema.


The Bottleworks District is a unique and vibrant destination in Indianapolis, and it perfectly complements the experience we offer.

Guests can enjoy a complete day of entertainment by exploring its boutique stores and then settling in for a film in our cozy, intimate setting. The Bottleworks District's rich history, contemporary culture, and bustling atmosphere enhance the overall customer experience, making it a standout destination for both residents and visitors.


One of our most touching interactions was when a father shared photos of his son, Rhett, with us enjoying our theater. It was Rhett's very first time visiting a movie theater, and he watched a matinee showing of Super Mario Brothers with his dad, AJ. We were deeply moved by the fact that we had the privilege of being a child's first-ever movie theater experience. We extended our gratitude to AJ for sharing these heartwarming photos. He explained that attending movies in theaters has always been his happy place, and being able to share this wonderful experience with his son made it all the more special. It's stories like these that truly highlight the unique and heartwarming character of the Bottleworks District, where special moments become cherished memories.


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