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Bottleworks Unbottled: Featuring Stretchlab

Join us as we highlight the incredible businesses and people of Bottleworks District through our monthly newsletter, Bottleworks Unbottled.

Bottleworks District is the perfect fusion of past and present in the heart of Indianapolis; a special place that’s bursting at the seams with art, architecture, and good spots galore.

It's a thoughtfully curated collection of people and places that evoke the senses, rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, and encourage you to loosen your collar, let down your hair, and have a little fun.

And there’s so much more here than meets the eye – from state-of-the-art corporate offices and vibrant mixed-use, to award-winning hospitality and entertainment.

Your district source featuring StretchLab.

StretchLab specializes in assisted one-on-one stretching and flexibility training. While your body spends its day trying to hold you together, restricting motion, tightening muscles, and pulling you back in, StretchLab launches you back into your life, propelling you forward with the newfound energy and freedom that comes from your body moving, working and feeling exactly the way you want it to.

With the Bottleworks District being in the heart of Downtown Indy, we align ourselves with our neighbors to create a healthier, more balanced community so you can increase your performance not only in your physical activity but in your daily routine as well. Our classic yet contemporary studio brings a unique vibe to the District that attracts vibrant individuals of all ages, shapes & sizes! 


While our guests pursue our services for numerous reasons to reach a variety of goals, everyone comes to StretchLab to move better and feel better so they can live a longer, fuller life. We assist people with injury prevention and recovery, improvements in athletic performance as well as activities of daily living. From our friendly & welcoming atmosphere to our customized & innovative approaches, StretchLab allows our guests to prioritize their mental and physical health.

We assist people with injury prevention and recovery, improvements in athletic performance as well as activities of daily living.


StretchLab offers 50% off for locals for your first visit in studio. Here we begin creating a customized assisted stretching program specifically programmed for your body’s needs. 

We are continuously looking to create partnerships with businesses, not just in the Bottleworks area, but also, the surrounding locations as well.

We offer on-site and in-studio options for companies to provide additional Wellness services to your employees. Our goal is to best support you and/or your team for your specific company needs.

StretchLab wouldn't be here without the Downtown Indy & Bottleworks District communities. A few of the exciting partnerships we have ahead include a special in-studio experience for IU Health, preparation/training and on-site services for Run317 participants, Quarterly Blood Drives (next one on 2/3), Indy Golf Expo, and A Kid Again!

We have lots of fun Valentine’s couple/best friend/friend stretches ahead and more exciting partnerships in the works. Local raffles and fundraisers are another great way that we support the community and organizations around us, often providing free or discounted services or products so you're rewarded for your contributions to our community! We are available for contact and questions if you would like to discuss a partnership with your business or a specific area of our community. We’re here to help you “Live Long!” 


The Bottleworks District has so much to offer our clientele since it has its own unique sense of community.

From local retail stores, amazing restaurants, fitness and wellness businesses and other service providers, there's always something new to explore. Regardless of what brings you to the district or where you go here, you'll be greeted with a friendly face and receive nothing short of stellar customer service.  Each business strives to support each other and continue building our community so don't be shy to ask for recommendations of where to go or what to try within the District.


Often we find our customers excited to be in the Bottleworks District for a variety of reasons. The highlight seems to be having the opportunity to couple up our assisted stretching services with a day or evening in the area. It’s common for our clients to pop through The Garage Food Hall, get their nails done at The W Nail Bar, hair done at DryBar, coffee at Blue Collar and fun and games at PINS. The whole area attracts people from all over the city and it’s always exciting to hear how they are going to make the most of their Bottleworks experience. Some of our favorite interactions happen to be with those that we meet throughout the district, especially while enjoying the Garage. It’s one of our favorite ways to meet future guests! Plus, our staff can’t get enough of all of the options available across the street. Be on the lookout for a member from our team rocking StretchLab gear. We’d love to chat about how we can help YOU!


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